Is religion a left over from our tribal past?

The issue:  The minister featured in the video below is allegedly a child molester.  He begin a relationship with an under-aged girl of 17 which lasted into her early twenties. His church is defending him.

During the period of our tribal past, when organized religion was not yet a thing, it was common for tribes to sacrifice one (or a few), for the sake of the many.  Sometimes this translated into men, going off to fight, with full understanding that they were probably marching to their deaths.

To be a member of the tribal group you were expected to place the  survival of the group, above your own individual interest, and many times, you life.  Sometimes, when you did not volunteer, this act of dedication, was imposed upon you, by force.  Is this the norm within tightly bound group?  Maybe they thought that when it came down to the integrity of the group and the dignity of this young girl, they’d rather choose the collective.  They would rather choose the group.

This may seem like a very unlikely scenario, but it is probably  more common than you think and manifests in many different forms.

The problem:  We are no longer a tribal society, there are no scarce resources relative to the scarcity that out ancestors experienced, and we are no longer governed by the law of the elder’s.  We are a nation, governed by laws designed to keep us from slipping into chaos and compel us to act on the better angels of our nature.  We know this and the minister knows this.  If these worshipers, allow this kind of socially debilitating behavior to proceed, unchecked, the church that they are building will be built on the proverbial sinking sand.